Nike Team Sideline Rain Jacket Waterproof Wind Breaker Coat Hoodie 18

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Practical jacket, a windbreaker with a hood for sport and training, adult model NIKE DRY RN PARK18 JKT W article number AA90 jacket is perfect for sport activities in adverse weather conditions, it provides protection from rain and strong wind, it can be used as an urban sport jackets or leisure in nature. On the shoulders and sleeves to the elbow, the jacket has inserts of white fabric stripes, which give the product a sporty appearance. The right breast is decorated with the manufacturer’s logo in the form of a contrasting white check mark. This model has a practical sporty cut that provides a comfortable fit on the figure. The jacket does not limit and does not restrict the freedom of movement of the athlete during operation. On the front side there is a full-size zipper, which provides comfortable operation. The model has long sleeves with cuffs, and a comfortable spacious hood that protects the head from the penetration of cold wind. The hood has adjustment elements, which makes it possible to adjust its volume to the figure. On the sides of the jacket there are pockets for storing and transporting sports equipment. Access to the pockets can be closed by a valve, which eliminates water ingress into the pocket. The jacket is made of durable water-repellent material, which reduces the risk of getting wet during rain. The use of durable synthetic material provides high wear resistance and long service life. Good ventilation qualities of the material allow to create a favorable microclimate for the body of the athlete.




100% polyestr



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